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  Local Sponsor Info.
To become a local sponsor you must "sponsor" the show. What that means is that you are the contact person between the cable company and MOMS gone MAD. It is FREE and costs nothing to do. Once it's set up, we'll send you a free, exclusive MOM gone MAD mug as a thank you.

1)You need to contact your local cable company and tell them that you'd like to sponsor a show to be aired on their public access channel.

2) Ask them if they have an application. If so, you'll need to provide them with a little bit of information:

Your Name, Address etc.
Title of the program: MOMS gone MAD
Length of program: 60 minutes
Description of Program: A talk show for moms
Desired day of cablecasting: Any evening Sunday - Thursday from 9-10/8-9p.m.
If they only have days slots available, 9-10/10-11a.m.
Tape format: VHS or DVD, 12 episodes per series.

Once you fill out the application and drop it off to them, we'll mail them the tapes to air. Email us when you've submitted the application and give us the cable company's phone number, address and contact person. This way we can mail them the tapes.

THAT'S IT! Then you'll be able to enjoy watching MOMS gone MAD with the rest of us (with your new, free, exclusive mug)!!

 MOMS gone MAD is produced at Comcast Cable in Danbury, CT. It is aired on many public access channels. If you'd like to have the show broadcast on your cable channel, you need to become a local sponsor.

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