Where it's OKAY to go a little Mad when you're a Mom!  

Darleen Ferraro
Creator, Producer, Host

Darleen has always led a busy life. Growing up she traveled in theatre groups, won acting competitions and worked hard to earn a dual bachelor's degree in communications and education. She has a master's degree in reading, a fifth year certificate in supervision and administration, and has been a school teacher for the past ten years. She's even an adjunct professor at Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY. For the past five years Darleen has also been the co-host for a talk show called, Community Forum. However, her "always on the go" lifestyle changed completely when she had her beautiful daughter, Shawna Marie. "My daughter is the best thing that ever happened to me, I love her to death; however, being a mom is the hardest job on the planet. Babies do not come with a set of instructions and what works for one may not work for another. I never knew it would be so hard, nor did I realize how crazed, forgetful, emotional, and happy I would feel, all at the same time. I wanted to start this talk show to celebrate motherhood, but also to discuss the hardships and craziness that goes along with it. These things are rarely talked about."

Darleen wants all mothers to know that it is okay to have bad days when you're a mom. She equates it to picking pedals off a daisy, some days you love it, some days you love it not. On the days that moms "love it not" she wants them to watch MOMS gone MAD so they'll realize that they're not alone. She hopes this talk show will inspire moms to be true to themselves and to help them get through the "mad" journey of motherhood with a smile on their face and laughter in their voice.


Annrose Fluskey

Annrose has always lived by the saying, “Life is too short, so live each moment to its fullest.” This philosophy led her to pursue her career dreams and to live out her passion to travel.  Children and mommyhood was not part of that picture.  Eight years ago she married her husband, Bruce and together they lived by the same philosophy. They completely enjoyed their life as a couple and couldn’t imagine their life with kids. Five years into their marriage Annrose was surprised to find out that she was pregnant.  Now, Annrose and Bruce can’t imagine their life without children. Annrose still believes and lives each day to its fullest; however, now she does it with her children. “I am so blessed to have my children.  My life of travel doesn’t even come close to offering me the thrills and joys as my children do.” 

Along with being a mommy, Annrose is a school teacher.  She has a bachelor’s degree in education, a master’s degree in special education and reading, and a fifth year certificate in supervision and administration.  She’s been teaching for 18 years.  Annrose feels she needs more hours in the day to get everything done.  “Being a teacher is hard work and so is being a mommy.  When I come home from work the only thing I want to do is spend time with my children.”  Annrose understands what it’s like to go “crazy” as a mom.  Her kids are 21months apart and full of energy.  She’s constantly running around after them.  However, she wouldn’t trade this “madness” for anything in the world (well, maybe a little peace and quiet now and then).  



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