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To contact MOMS gone MAD, please use one of the links below.

To ask us a question that you'd like to have answered on our program: askmadmoms@sbcglobal.net

If you have a topic that you'd like us to feature on the show: showidea@sbcglobal.net

If you live in the CT/NY area and would like to be a guest on the program: guesthost@sbcglobal.net

If you'd like your child featured for Cutest Kid of the Week: mycutekid@sbcglobal.net

To email Darleen Ferraro directly: madmoms@sbcglobal.net

If you need us to send tapes to your local cable company or for any other reason not stated above: madmoms@sbcglobal.net

or to send us a letter in the mail:
PO Box 1027
Ridgefield, CT 06877

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